Art by Rob Goldstein

Last week I re blogged my first feature of Paul Ewing’s work. I also used it as an occasion to catch up on his work and I liked what I saw so much I asked him to let me showcase his work again.

If you haven’t seen that first feature please check it out. And don’t be shy about comments. Flickr members love them. I log in early on Wednesday to clear the comments people leave.

“Cactus Flower”


“Land Sharks Skyline”

Abstract Digital Painting Redux


“Two Rivers, Alaska; Population, 719”




“Willow Lake Multiple Realities” –inspired by Richard Warner’s Philosophy Vlog on You Tube


“Arcosanti Dream”


“Shaft of LIght Creates Life Out of Primordial Soup”

“A Walk on the Wild Side”


“Blue Velvet Iris Petal”





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