Nevada Falls & Vernal Fall Yosemite National Park

Looking For The Light

Classified as one of the Strenuous Hikes.

I had the pleasure, sweating, beyond thirsty and pain of hiking Nevada Falls and Verna Falls. Vernal Falls is the highest and the longest hike for me. It’s brutal. Suggestion: Lightweight weight clothes and hat covers back neck, Hiking gloves, walking stick, broken-in hiking boots, and carry as much water as you can. Conserve. Very few amenities along the route. In the summer one good wind and you’re covered in sand. Hand wipes are a portable doctor in a box. I had a few brushing, up or down the trail. Hiking Verna is straight up, “Natures Giant Spiral Staircase.”  I was on top of the world.

I’m working on this photo. The Jacked up version is on my “About Me” page.

Hope you enjoy.   Xx  M

 Vernal Falls


Climb Verna Falls is nature’s giant staircase. Where you are rewarded with close-up views of two waterfalls…

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