Photographs of San Francisco’s Public Art

Art by Rob Goldstein


The pictures in this post are Photographs of public art in San Francisco.

Because these images are of public art they free to download.

Click the picture to see it larger.

To download right click and choose download.

Some of these shots date back to 2010, the year I began to take photographs.

I first used a Blackberry, then an inexpensive DSLR, and eventually a Canon T3 and finally a Canon Ti4.

Madre Madre

Padre Padre


Wisdom on Haight and Webster Wisdom on Haight Street


Featured Image -- 8562

Por favor

Strange Dream #14

Mental Illness and Art

Collaborative Self Interest Collaborative Self Interest


Pure Energy Bugz

Seen in the Mission District

Portrait of Malcolm X Portrait of Malcolm X

Featured Image -- 8637

Audre Lorde Audre Lorde


Picture of a mural in Clarion Alley that shows people of every race, creed and nationality united in common cause …And we are everywhere…

Rob Goldstein 2015-2016



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