Nursery Rhyme | [Rhyme]

Trigger Warning: This poem is about self harm. Please do not read it if this is a trigger.


Cut this line upon my skin

So I can feel what a pain I’ve been

Burn this flame upon my flesh

So I can control this life a mess

Drill this hole into my thigh

To take away the numb, make me feel alive

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord nobody weeps

6 thoughts on “Nursery Rhyme | [Rhyme]

  1. I’m sorry you have been in that dark place as of late, my friend. I am praying for your peace and glad that you are not alone. Yes, it is a challenging journey. Sending love back for you through yours. Thank you for taking your time to leave your thoughts, X.

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    1. Thank you, Matthew. I appreciate your thoughts. I struggled with whether to post this or not because I know I may have set off a few alarms for those closest to me and my blog/story. I wanted to put together the thoughts of several close people in my life who struggle with self harm, and acknowledge that on my blog. We both know how very real their day-to-day struggle is with self harm. Again, thank you for your thoughts and love. X

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    1. Thank you for your kind words of support, Nan. Though self harm is not something I deal with, several close people in my life do, and I wanted to give that a voice on my blog. Thank you again for your kind words and courage in Liking the post X


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