Art by Rob Goldstein


Digital photo of a young male avatar in VR Why am I here?

St. Mary’s Hospital is a place for troubled people.

Impossible situations.

Five North is the locked unit at St. Mary’s Hospital.

This is where we who insist on losing control must stay.

This is where I met Willis.

Willis is six-foot four and angry.

He storms the day room and the staff part like the red sea.

A day on Five North usually begins with a Community Meeting.

The patients usually complain about how cruel the staff is and the staff usually agrees.

Doreen raises a hand and asks why there isn’t more Christian broadcasting on T.V. and Nurse Sandra explains it’s a weekday and “that’s that.”

Then Willis stands and everyone stops to listen:

“Ah was always this tall!” he begins, “An when ah breaths ever-body feels the flame! Thass why they knows ah come from God!  God cradled me then spit me out…

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