Congratulations to the Tea Party: You Earned this Win.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Image of Trump as an alien from the film 'They Live' which reads make America ObeyMake America Obey – Source of image unknown

The best example of political activism in modern history just walked off
with all three branches of the American government.

If you are a progressive democrat, or a civil libertarian and you are asking
how to resist President Trump I give you, the Tea Party.

A photograph of a white neo-nazi ralley Congratulations to the Tea Party – Source image unknown

How did they do it?

The Tea Party coalesced as a radical right-wing movement in response to
the 2008 election of Barack Obama.

It recruited, nominated, and supported candidates for state and national elections.

It organized and promoted activist events on social media and used Fox News Channel and other right-wing media outlets to broadcast its point of view.

The Tea Party is shamelessly partisan.

Not only did the Tea Party shun the idea of compromise, it elected representatives who brought their protests into Congress

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