I surrender 



  1. Lisa, my best friend. I don’t know if you’ve received the past email from my outgoing account. The issues are difficult when I can’t know if messages are getting delivered. sent several. Lot os changed, email me to chance how the move is going and your son is adjusting.
    I think of you everyday.
    Love M


      • I haven’t fixed my email issues yet. Being sick and trying to deal with apple is crazy. I keep getting timed out. Tomorrow I giving up and getting Apple on phone. I’ve sent many communication, I’ll be glad when this craziness ends. I could do these things all day long, my memory is worst and forget password before writing down. Huge Mess. I hope this email will get thru. You sound much better, hope not a mask. I look forward on all the details of the move.
        Love M

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        • Hello m my dearest friend. .well there’s so much to catch up on!
          The move went well animals and all settled besides an earthquake the following day which required an evacuation due to tuanami warnings. .Shortly after unpacking I was surprised to hear I got the job as team leader with a company that works with intellectually challenged adults. ..this has been exchausting and I’m left wondering if my own challenges are enough for me ,but then too M working is good mentally for me..
          In all honesty I’m still battling but hey another note a few weeks back I started EMDR THERAPY Again
          And they’ve taken that other meds away actually they wanting all meds gone so therapy can work more effective without blocking my thoughts . .
          Ya I know I can hear u say are they crazy 😬but I persisted only the one meds
          I’m still on eppilum and now quitiapine for sleep.
          Therapy is shit hard wow my therapist really pushes shes great though I try hard sometimes a success other times im disociating badly. .
          The rest of the family are good working hard as well, nik going in Feb to college for engineering. .

          About you iv been wondering how u are with your health ..are things settling again last we spoke u were quite sick again I was worried about you!
          How was Xmas?
          Love lis


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