six tips for reducing the ego (what works for me)


1) avoid reacting to things (this is a big one)

if i react to a situation or person’s behaviour, i’m more likely to react again next time.

i.e. when learning to juggle, avoid focusing on chasing the balls that get dropped.
focus on the task of juggling.
if you focus on chasing the balls, that’s what you will get, because that’s where you attention is.


* if you need to respond, do so. this has a different energy to it.
it has attention and thoughtfulness.

2) avoid giving descriptions of things that have happened in the past, and or complaining.

i.e. “my husband was cutting the grass yesterday, and i said: why don’t you bla bla bla…
and he said: bla bla bla…, then i said: bla bla bla…
can you believe the said that? i mean really…”

i see and hear this happening so much these days.
often people…

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