Throw Back Thanksgiving!! *Technical Problems, Let’s Jump*

Happy Holiday! Have great time with family.

Looking For The Light

I’m praying for good health to you and  your family . Drinking something hot, I’ll take a Starbucks any day 🙏🌎🇱🇷   😎 M

You see the problem, Downloads are not working. The laptop hijacked me as an answer to silence, no talking  during Football.

I heard Gwen Stefani can sing, JUMP, Dance, gives every fan a great show. One more try, if nothing else, play your fav and Dance the night away.

Happy Thanksgiving, sending Blessing for you, family and friends.  a healthy and happiness. Enjoying your friends and family, it’s a Blessings share with others.

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  1. Hugs for helping personally and with the site. We talked, during the political fire-breathing match. You made your position on the politics. You were writing 24X7 or so it seemed. We finally meet on Twitter, I saw your name, laughed so hard. I’m a huge Blake Shelton. He loves craziness on Internet. I haven’t heard back, if your name is not in reply, I’ll send to you.

    Santa gave my share of money. Shopping, two times a year computer/misc.
    See you around!
    🙂 M


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