Just cleaned before the storm Cleaning before the storm. 

I included the photo to show I’m very organized and life is getting ready for change. *The chatter are my thoughts, a Lyme Literate Doctor can consult and talk about options.*  Xx  M

Living with Chronic Lyme Disease, requires tremendous faith, inner and physical strength. Please search to discover you’re core strength: that strength may save your life.  How are physical matters like cooking, laundry, grocery shop, kids outside sports not to mention the football or cheer leading presentations, if you have several parasite Manage family chores.


Do you have a partner who understands the illness, steps to help & comfort everyday. All treatments you choose are expensive. You have just one parasite boring through your body, it’s possible the co-infections may follow along. My parasite and two buddies have built a Condo in the brain. The hardest part is losing my memory and other physical abilities.

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