Art by Rob Goldstein

Here’s how my version of DID works on social media:

A different alternate manages each social media account
except WordPress.

All of my alternates use WordPress.

As usual, I’m the last to know when an alternate takes over
an account; my Partner noticed changes to the Twitter

Jaime:Who’s running the Twitter account?

Me:Whattaya mean?

Jaime:I mean, I don’t know that guy.

Me: Lemme see.

I open the Twitter account and see Bob’s picture.

Me:Bob runs that account.

Jaime:Who’s  he?

Me:A radical fag.

Jaime:He’s intense.

Jaime doesn’t know Bob because Bob was the first in a series of
adult alternates.

Bob was the host personality from age 20 to age 30.

At thirty, a new host slowly evolved into Rob.

Why do I have  different alters for different stages of life?

Some people with DID respond to social cues about age by

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