the 21st century disease

Although narcissism has been with us since the beginning of humanity, I really think that it’s hitting its peak this century.

I don’t have a car, so have to use public transportation…

This means I’m subjected to narcissistic behavior each time I travel on public transport.

People will literally share (broadcast) their lives while talking on the phone, on public transport….and we are all forced to listen. a captive audience!

Just like codependency, we all have some level of narcissism within us. It’s a matter of degree, but there are a lot of people out there that are extreme narcissists.

I had it badly until I had a breakdown in 1999. after the breakdown my personality changed dramatically.

I had that extreme ‘body’ narcissism. so I would dress provocatively all the time, to get the maximum attention. scary.

Social media is not to blame, it’s only a symptom. Social media would not exist without its followers.




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