time for change

survivor road

The end of the year means a lot of things to a lot of people.  Resolutions, parties, hangovers (?) — the list goes on.  For me it typically means something slightly different…

time to find a doctor

Mind you, with my medical history, i don’t go long without a doctor “of record” to refill prescriptions, etc.  But eventually, within a year’s time, i will be in for a check-up so prescriptions can be verified and the inevitable comes up.

“Marc, when was your last physical?”

Thus begins the end.  My trying to explain why i don’t have full physical exams.  Why, after years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from older siblings, not to mention once being … mishandled … by a doctor – i don’t relish the idea of some stranger poking and prodding.  But he’s not a stranger – he’s my doctor, right?

WRONG.  He’s a stranger i…

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