Treasure Trove Award **WOW**

Looking For The Light

Receiving a nomination for an award is always exciting, exciting as the first. There are days my body hurts, some days I don’t get far. (I’ll be back) I want to Thank the Bloggers who nominated me and I’ve had to pass.

Being nominating by a good friend felt wonderful. Danica Piche created Treasure Trove Award,  a full described below.

I’m happy she’s returned to blogging. For a good read, pull up a chair, Danica is the queen of Short Stories. Visit her site  It’s an honor to receive the Treasure Trove Award.  I thank you, appreciate you and so glad your back. You’re a great support.  M


What is The Treasure Trove Award?  *New Award created by Danica Piche.*  M

I’ve created the Treasure Trove Award for bloggers who share treasures. Treasures can take the form of: art; community participation and support…

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