night terror

survivor road

ever so softly
like a heart nearing the end of its time

dark and ominous
its shape barely discerned
in the pitch of night

razor sharp talons
capable of shredding meat from bones
in one horrendous swipe

have you seen it?
they say no one has
no one could live through the experience

i have only heard it
rustling the dead leaves
outside my bedroom window

i should rise
and close the window
and try to sleep

but if it reaches in
as i stand there
hands raised to the glass

if it reaches in
an end most swift
would i even feel my own death?

i heard it again
it draws near

i cower beneath my covers
curled to the fetal pose
shivering in fright

it is not right
to be unable to deal with it
a grown man should not have this fear

everyone has

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