X-Files and Erik Erikson


During college, a bunch of us gathered around the ancient donated television every week to watch Mulder and Scully try to catch each other—I mean, try to catch aliens. Anyone who watched the show knows the tag line…

17282112160_5a1a8a1ba7_z Photo Credit: Snailystitches

Unfortunately, wanting to believe is not the same as having the ability to trust.

Our boy has had a rough time, both at home and at school, since Dad passed away.

His Asperger’s (don’t tell me Asperger’s is not a thing…it’s a thing, DSM-V be darned) daily rears its head with tics and social ineptitude and difficulty communicating. Our ten-year-old is impulsive beyond belief and often behaves like a five-year-old. A five year old with moments of clarity in which he communicates like a forty-five-year-old…

Children who have missed certain phases of life may regress, especially in times of emotional upheaval. Remembering a college psych research paper on 

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One comment

  1. Great post, I’m not posting much since ill. I’m moving the direction of
    Advocate interest. I believe less stress will help. God rewarded me, well rewarded. I blew it right back by cussing God, said in public. Not something I do. Lyme continues to cause other serious illnesses and I’m significantly worse.

    I Pray for you and family. It must be difficult with a death being so confusing. I feel bad for him. Gods reward will come to deserving. I’ve reflected today and I have more questions to ask myself.
    Thanks for giving a shoulder!

    Thoughts of a multi-contributor Ebook? I’ve also asked Kitty. I don’t know the right number of writers? 2-4? No clue, I’ve hit the wall, I don’t know where to start but you and many others outstanding writers. Right now I see me little writing and more researching, gathering info to push first steps along. We’re one more group that cares to Do Something. Topics we can confidently speak on or gather additional info.
    Let it soak in, I know you to bust but your education is to great to miss.
    Look to hear from you.
    Big Hugs


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