survivor road

for as long as i can remember, i have self-sabotaged.  start a project and make it fail.  or just fail to finish.  anything that can prove my lack of worth.

it cropped up a few months ago on; a site for aspiring authors.  members there share their work and comment/critique each other’s work.  i had a few finished books, several poems, and was getting nice reviews.  too nice.  i couldn’t handle it so i pulled all my files and left the site.

my latest observation is here – my blog.

ever since being asked to share my posts on another website i have suffered from an ever-decreasing motivation to write.  what possible value could anything i write have for anyone?  there is no way i can say anything that will help anyone else.  after all, i can’t even help myself.

so if you’re one of the people who have…

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