All the Perfumes of Arabia

Art by Rob Goldstein



my foot


the scent


all the


of Arabia

lull me

into waxy





Image and poem (c) Rob Goldstein  2017

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  1. Robert
    Very Important message***
    Please let me know you have received this message. We need to talk SECURELY, I have your email and will send an email with an update on the HACKING/CYERSTALKING of me and both sites. I’m working from a secure computer now and need to update WP first.
    Stand by me until the answers of the Hacking reveal themselves.
    I care deeply for you and will never hurt you.
    I have a new temporary email but hesitant to give out until 100% certain it has not been compromised. Please delete comment after reading.
    The person I’m closing in on as suspect is BPD, not on meds, and may not know about Alternates. This is a 24/7 job trying to wrap my arms around everything. My priorities are to secure the Survivors Blog Here site and protect every contributor.
    Hang in and we’ll work any lies posted or questions we have.

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