Am I a women….or melting Snow? Get Ready for Michael Jackson.

Thank You for leaving your feedback and suggestions. Hearing motivates me to move forward.   XX M

Looking For The Light

I loved Michael Jackson, we partied hard-working on dance moves. Get ready for a triple shot of to Micheal Jackson,”Boogie..or Dance the Night Away”, He can please most.The Track “In A Sexy Way” is weird, semi-sexy, Beyoncé didn’t give it all. The payoff 1s watching Micheal tease, dance and relive the sound of his voice.

Thank you from my heart, your kindness brings tears somedays. HUGS. You can read more on me on my ‘About Me” page. You find, the person I was, the choices, good and many painful. I become a Minister for Pastoral care. God knows, where next.  ______________________

His hand touched my hair, aroma  filled the room. I froze, unaware the heat was mine. Instead of thoughts, of ravaging sex, I’m no wanna be. I touch your face, kissing slowly. Naked in front of window, he admires my body. We made love most naturalaly, like an aniimal. ( Short-Short, decent try?…

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