We’re You Hacked? *Please Watch Our Construction*

“Friendship is the invisible link”

Melinda M Sandor

WordPress was not Hacked, individuals, were targeted from social media sites. Last week thousand, included Hacker’s with sites at WordPress. Hijacked cell phones, computers even home phones. Expect to see crazy looking pages, pages missing photo’s. 

 Thank you for giving us a chance to see how our site continues to evolve.

Many of the same faces remain at Survivors Blog Here. You’ll see new faces and respected writers, refreshing perspective. Who are Survivors themselves.  Blogs come and go, life changes,  


Stop by, shake it off for who knows what. It’s music and Friday. 

Please Pardon Our Construction.

WordPress is working around the clock to resolve the Bloggers hacked last week. For me it started late last week.

Keep Moving Forward.

It’s late, forgive any misspellings. I have a Monkey on my back and running fast.  It’s not perfect, who needs perfect? This afternoon individual sites will have new email addresses. 







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