Looking for the Light Blog, Remember Me?

We are grateful for your commitment to the site and continued belief, we are Survivors helping Survivors.



    • Semera,My Beloved Sister
      Your words lifted my heart. I’ve thought of you many times and illness had me paralyzed, not in physical way but mentally. My memory was fading away, it was frightening. The Hacker/Cyberstalker put me in a corner for a month, not able to access my emails, computer and they has our personal credit card information. They would send me messages on my phone, it was for family and friends to understand. The bright side is I’m walking after two years, planting flowers to lower my stress and watching no news. Who know what the truth is except the people how are living thru the most difficult times.
      We were brought together, formed a loving relationship and I am thankful for the day we met.
      With Love
      Your sister Melinda


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