the best kind of news

survivor road

what with “fake news” and “alternate facts” – I thought I’d take us back a bit to an older phrase…

no news is good news

if there was ever a more ambiguous statement – I’m not sure what.  Taking it to task, I try emphasis in different points

NO news is good news

ok – so, there is no such thing as “good news”.  To be honest, this is where I live most of my life.  Any news I hear, especially if it somehow impacts me – you can just be that it is NOT “good news”.  Plain and simple – NO news is good news.

no news is good news

I suppose this is akin to “if the dragon is asleep, there are no worries in the village” – which is my boss’s way of dealing with things.  If he’s not complaining, then everything is fine and I’m doing…

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