Special Thowback Thursday * For the Survivor in You *

Looking For The Light

Are you a Survivor? Most of us have experienced trauma in our lifetime, moving forward sets your mind free and allows you back in the driver seat. There were chunks of time in my life I struggled with childhood trauma or depression left me feeling like I could not face another day. Shame from losing a job, guilt for not seeing family, another change in meds or falling into the abyss of suicidal thoughts. Sometimes we have to look back to see how far we’ve come and let the feelings of achievement soak in. The trauma of a Hacker/Cyberstalker this past month had a grip around my neck. Sleep impossible, stress, fear, lack of control, lack of understanding by family and Therapist left me feeling isolated.

I focused on examples in my life, my Granny came to mind. She experienced trauma at nine years old with the death of her…

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