Memories: I Was Stalked For Six Years

Looking For The Light

My first business trip, I’m 24 years old and clueless. The company was celebrating a milestone. Once bored around 20 of us found a bar and settled in. This is time for a stalker, large groups of people, and pick your target.

First he sent me a dozen white roses every day. I was young and naive about stalking. I assumed he had money.

Then cards started coming and he started asking me to come to Boston. The phone calls were coming more often. I didn’t know how a stalker reeled in their target.

After months of roses and cards, I gave in. Once in Boston, his lies were easy to see. The parents owned the house, he lived a small house over the garage. My radar is up about but nothing else. There was a party at a friend’s house, lets see how many are losers. The party was fun…

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    • It’s like the silent trauma, people can’t see proof and look at you strange. Sure you’re being stacked. Today my Psychiatrist said in thirty years he has heard people are being stalked and they are not. Their medicine has them focus on the subject and it grows from there. From past experience I know that is not true but it’s still isolating. Please do me a favor, reblog a couple days of photos to Survivors, I can’t pinpoint the problem but no-one is showing as reblogged.

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