The days get lonely, when your symptoms reach the disability stage. Times can get lonely, ask friend or create a circle of like-minded friends who you can talk honestly with.  Keep Learning.

If you’re concerned about addiction, talk to Doctor as you decide the treatment best for you.One complete withdraw on Xanax and two days without Temazepam. This is a monthly struggle. The CDC is putting a tighter grip on Control  Substance management is critical if you suffer from lack of memory.

Going thru withdraw in August and not clear how, I had to understand how this happened. I get anxiety when an addictive drug is running low. I’m addicted to are Xanax, Dexedrine, Tramadol, and Morphine Patches. The Xanax and Dexedrine are for mental illness the others are for Lyme Protocol.

The ongoing frustration is with myself, CVS and my husband. It is difficult to take care of a Chronically…

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