Sheldon Kleeman

20150820_040852 Fear comes to those who wait Not in silence But from fear to place I pray not for fear or peace from I pray to walk with fears hand So that I may turn and see the lite in fears eyes

It’s a risk, one of mind body and soul,answers to a question,not just a one time shot

But a continuous to ease a trouble mind but it’s not that easy when you question something that is not tangible,that can’t be held in your hand,Life can be held

But can it speak to someone who asks,that’s what was happenstance circumstance,and situation,the problem is when life speaks you must understand it’s language,especially at first when your not sure,again risk takes you by the hand and you are trusting your instincts,your gut,to follow the words,it’s a one way street and if your not sure in which direction that street is going it’s…

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