Guest Margie Lakefield shares the trauma of Postpartum Psychosis in a multi series post.

I read Margie’s post in tears, feeling empathy, above all I knew she was a strong woman. A woman who made tough decisions for the better of her children’s future.  Her story touched me deeply, I had to meet her. We worked together on the series. Unfortunately Margie had a family emergency and can’t be with us.

She is dedicated to sharing her story at the cost of lingering pain. Margie takes us thru the arrival at hospital until the moment she reached out for help.

The Series will post on Mondays. Margie’s participation in the app is dear to her heart. She encourages everyone to download the app, get familiar with the resources available and the DNA initiative.

 Hope for the Helpless suffering from Post Postpartum Depression.

The pactforthecure app is a new initiative. Available at App…

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