One year ago, I sought legal help after spending the winter and spring fending off false accusations made to DCS, police visits when children didn’t answer their phones, and much more…

I knew it would be no simple task, but the alternative was to move my family far away.  One of the DCS workers assigned to my case told me that the only way this harassment would lessen, would be for me to move away or go to court.  

Little did I realize then, that even seemingly simple requests, that in “normal” circumstances, could be resolved through a few meaningful conversations and some compromise, would take well over a year and thousands of dollars to resolve.

We are still in litigation, so my sharing will be somewhat limited.  I need to write again though…I have missed it.  Writing helps me organize my thoughts, and make connections like nothing else.

I couldn’t slow myself down with work, kids, court, parents…so life slowed me down.  I had a partial knee replacement surgery last week…THAT has slowed me down!  

I feel like my place is somewhere between “survive” and “thrive”.  No doubt, moving on after abuse is hard.  There needs to be distance in order for complete healing to take place.  

Please bare with me as I re-boot my writing life….