A Civics Lesson for 21st Century Americans as We Return to the 1950s

Art by Rob Goldstein

Cover of the 1955 recording of Roger's and Hammerstein's Oklahoma Oklahoma! (1955 film cast) found on the Internet Archives

With all the talk of America’s return to the 1950′s I thought Americans
should know what we need to have in place to help President
Trump make our return a success.

A collage of Donald Trump as a 1950's greaser riding a bike in front of the White House with Hillary Clinton falling off. His shrt reads 'if you can read this the Bitch fell off' Make America Great Again – ‘America…in T Shirts’
by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

The sense of community and the income equality of the
1950’s were the result of two generations who forged a new social
contract out of shared suffering.

The older generation had fought and won World War One and
the young adults had fought World War Two or had older siblings
who fought. Some women served in the military.

Women also fought on the home front by going to work in
the factories.

Photograph of a woman working in a factory in the 1940's Woman in the Factory- 1940’s – Public Domain.

The people of that time decided the use their government
to fund public services and to…

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