the cult of personality

I suppose people who commit crimes have always been of interest to ordinary people, hence the media/news that report on these individuals, because of the public interest.

But the media will not report on people who suicide. This is a normal practice for media/news, and for good reason….

….but it baffles me that schapelle corby gets the intense media treatment, when this person is just a common drug trafficker.

We say we are fearful of terrorism, and yet we thrive on the information of the incidents ?????? (not me).

All I know is: the human ego feasts on drama….

But when I hear that schapelle corby has an instagram account and gets thousands of followers, I die inside when I hear about the intense/obsessive interest in her life.

I have absolutely NO interest in schapelle corby!!!!!!!



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  1. G
    I haven’t heard of her.I rarely watch TV, long gone is truth in media. Now it’s propaganda. Based on politics of Station owner, who wants to be break out star, trash mags who people feed off telling lie after lie every week and the sales are large enough to pay the occasional large lawsuit. Same on Twitter, I’m back on after a break and I only follow Charities and a few artist.
    Life arounds me is artificial enough. People need to take back there power and right to turn the channel.

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