The Mermaid-04

Hyperion is up to his magic again! Yeah a new chapter, The Mermaid-04

Thanks Daniel looks like a great lead.



Return of Dragons

“I didn’t know then what I wanted, but the ache for it was palpable.” ― Sue Monk Kidd, The Mermaid Chair

Frederick Leighton 1856 Frederick Leighton 1856

For the Love of Meera

Chapter 4, Scene 1

White ripples of light drifted along the hull of the old Chris Craft. The gentle undulations of the Coral Sea cast a spell on the boat as it rocked in the light green tinge of liquid light and shadow. The anchor held her fast. My fingers ran along the keel feeling for cracks or movement out of sync with the sensual rise and fall of her bow in the calm seas.

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