For the past month, I have been virtually home bound while recovering from knee surgery.  My typical lifestyle involves constant multitasking, working, and planning at an intensive pace.  The past month has reminded me that regardless of where I am in life, I need a mission and purpose.  During part of my recovery, I can say that I was so down that it felt like all I did was need, need, need…

Finding mission and purpose is so important in my life, and always has been.  How cool it would be for mission and purpose to come as in a video game…all laid out and ready to be pursued.

So what could my purpose have been as I recovered from surgery?  How in this world could I do anything useful? I couldn’t even take care of myself.

Rest and recovery were my purpose during that time.  I knew that in order to continue in my life’s purpose, I needed to be able to move with less pain.  In a recent conversation about recovery from surgery, my physical therapist pointed out that recovery was much quicker when the patient had a goal, like going back to work.    

What is your why?