Bill Signed by President Obama for Rape Survivor Rights *No Victory Dance for Me*

Let your voice be heard! Harsh jail terms for offenders, team owners and managers. M

Looking For The Light

Tunnel Light

This morning the AOL Sports Section wrote more articles on Sexual Assault cases than I could count. Lots of excuses as well. One College football player said “I had oral sex with her but no intercourse”, did she consent?  It’s long past time for accountability, all sports, girls and boys, men and women, all ages. By allowing owners and coaches to look the other way is deplorable.

A football player sexually assaults a woman with no jail time, a 20-year-old shares marijuana brownies with friends and spends 20 years in Texas jail. What is wrong with this picture?

Sports Team Owners, Team managers, College Administrators, High School Superintendents, Olympic Coaches and The Court System all need to serve jail time for their gross negligence.

Isn’t someone ashamed, enough excuses. I vote for harsh jail terms, no return to sports and permanently placed on Sex Offender list.

Listen carefully and long…

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