Great post Harlon

A Patient Voice

I think I am losing my marbles

I might be losing my mind.

It’s been a life of searching

and I feel like I am at the find.

It’s only the beginning

it is brand new

you bring out the best in me

I want to do the same for you.

I’m losing my marbles

do you want to go on a journey to find them

it may be this and that

it might be hit and find

but it’s deep in my mind.

Let’s keep it real

not what about it can become

let’s keep it simple

I think it works better if we have fun.

I feel that I want you

but I don’t want to change your course

let’s keep it friendly

and have honest intercourse.

I mean dialogue –

I can’t believe I used “that word” in my blog.

See what you do to me?


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