Complex PTSD


What is that….  ????

I often say: “someone who has been in more than one plane crash, and survived”.

It’s rather interesting that my disability is not only misunderstood, but not understood.

I’m problem is not my mental illness, but the lack of understanding of my illness, from my friends and fellow mental illness sufferers.

This is the primary problem….even my psychologist wasn’t able to grasp my issues….and wanted me to work on something completely unrelated to my current issues.

This is highly frustrating and disappointing.

So….how do I get other people to understand my disability ????

I’m not even sure how to start…!

It’s just not working, and I’m feeling VERY frustrated.

My experience of victimhood is very real, and this is one of the major issues I face as a person with complex PTSD.

I just don’t really know what to do. What not to do, or any kind of ‘knowing’.

Complex PTSD



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