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I dug around the archives and found a great post which talks in detail about DID Disorder. Thanks Robert. M

Art by Rob Goldstein

The Avatar of Dorian GratyI am in the middle of an exhausting parallel process.

In Second Life I have made a break from someone who behaves like a pathological narcissist.

I have done the same thing in physical reality.

Both of these women seek to manipulate the other people in my social network to shun me.

The one in Second Life has an easier go of it because it is so easy to lie online.

In life, the narcissist is trying to manipulate my therapist.

Her belief in her superiority to everyone places her at a disadvantage in dealing with a psychotherapist.

This is why a psychotherapist is so crucial to treating Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I wrote about the reason for the break a couple of weeks ago

I referred to her as ‘he’ because I felt a need to protect her.

This is what she wrote to my therapist:

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