Rehab at WalMart

About four weeks ago, I had partial knee replacement surgery.  I knew the rehab would be long.  I knew it would take about a year before I felt “normal” (at least where my knee is concerned).  I was determined to be tough…get off those pain meds…get moving as soon as I could tolerate it.

Until today, I was using this on shopping journeys:

In physical therapy this week, I was told that it would be good to start walking for about 15 minute stretches to build my stamina back up.  What did I do?  I went to WalMart with Little AoA and actually WALKED to do some shopping!  I didn’t last very long though.  We made it around about half the store, then I was done.

This was the first surgery I have ever had on an area other than my back or abdomen.  In this picture, the red part is very important.  Even though there is a shiny new piece of knee where there was pain, what had to be done in order to give me that shiny new piece, is the tough part.  I found another picture that showed a surgery in progress, but it was just too painful to look at.  All of those beautiful muscles are sliced through.

I understand why I am in pain.  

Thank you WalMart, for the indoor walking therapy.




  1. Holding onto a shopping cart works almost as well for me as my walker. For the future I have a walker with a seat tucked away, thanks to my daughter. But at my age I’m not anticipating any surgery for anything. Did holding onto a shopping cart help at all? Good luck.

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    • Oh my yes! I can get around my house pretty well without support, but need it for longer distances. I used a walker and leg stabilizer for about two weeks. Now I use a cool cane. My dad has one of the walkers with a seat- you never know…there are good days and bad days for these aging bodies. Thank you for commenting😊


  2. AOA
    Nothing like going to Walmart in pain and half stoned on pain pill not doing their job. I take Tramadol pains meds a day, the lite pain goes a way but I don’t take addictive drugs for the little pains.
    I think strongly knee surgery is in my immediate future. We are cramming appointments for everything I hurt or missed while flying to D.C.. I’m getting a circle of doctors here locally and F- off D.C.

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    • The small stores are much easier. I really tackled a mountain by walking WalMart. I hope you get caught up with your medical appointments smoothly…that can sure take over life easily.


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