Lyme Tidbit: Port Gone…after two years *Happy Dance*

The day finally arrived, my port was removed last week. I jumped for joy. M

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Port Removed long after recommended time.

At last Psychiatrist appointment he questioned why the port had not been removed. He is also a Medical Doctor and proceeded to tell me all the flesh-eating, horrible infections a port can cause. I said not going to D.C. in several month for surgery. We received a referral from General Doctor, had surgery the same week.

Oh what a relief it is! Port implanted 2015, removed 2017. Now I can take a shower, life can take a step forward. Next eyeglasses and driving the car. I still have large holes in memory, one reason for putting off driving.

Xx ย M

IV Port inserted 2015IMG_2892

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        • Oh Boy, we need to move a mountain and get this done. Think of a life with normal or almost normal stress. That news is a knife in my gut, hope the kids are still not seeing him much.
          I don’t have to tell you, keep praying on you knees, ask for guidance, what can you learn from, a million what’s and pray for the day you and kids can get out from under his thumb!
          I’m sending an email to the team, I send an email and fill you in. Talk later.
          I think of you and the kids often, praying for their future now and five years Fromm now.

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