Lyme Tidbit: Port Gone…after two years *Happy Dance*

The day finally arrived, my port was removed last week. I jumped for joy. M

Looking For The Light

Port Removed long after recommended time.

At last Psychiatrist appointment he questioned why the port had not been removed. He is also a Medical Doctor and proceeded to tell me all the flesh-eating, horrible infections a port can cause. I said not going to D.C. in several month for surgery. We received a referral from General Doctor, had surgery the same week.

Oh what a relief it is! Port implanted 2015, removed 2017. Now I can take a shower, life can take a step forward. Next eyeglasses and driving the car. I still have large holes in memory, one reason for putting off driving.

Xx Β M

IV Port inserted 2015IMG_2892

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        • Oh Boy, we need to move a mountain and get this done. Think of a life with normal or almost normal stress. That news is a knife in my gut, hope the kids are still not seeing him much.
          I don’t have to tell you, keep praying on you knees, ask for guidance, what can you learn from, a million what’s and pray for the day you and kids can get out from under his thumb!
          I’m sending an email to the team, I send an email and fill you in. Talk later.
          I think of you and the kids often, praying for their future now and five years Fromm now.

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  1. Thanks Lis
    That port required so much sterile cleaning and changing, my husband had to change the bandage every Sunday. It took 45 minutes. I even had to wear a mask because I couldn’t hearth any germs on.
    Thanks for thinking of me.


  2. Lis
    Thanks for reading the post. Having the port out opens many doors. It was near impossible to hide it and people look at you with pity, maybe you’re dying.
    I hope EMRD helped bring more to mind and the strength to deal with all the information learned.


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