17 St. Phillip Street -Part Three-

Enjoy chapter three. Rob sends his thanks for reading and will return live soon. M

Art by Rob Goldstein

-17 St Phillip Street -Part Three-.bmp

Bobby lost the job at the clothing store.

Two weeks later the Paul said it was high time Bobby found another job.

Paul said that Steve was also 18 and he kept regular work.

Steve was the latest addition to Miss Jennie’s family of gay boys at 17 St. Phillip Street.

He was also the official good-boy.

Bobby thought that Steve was nothing but trouble.

“Steve says that he can find you work at the Navy Yard.”

Bobby thought: “Eight hours a day with sailors.”

He looked up at Paul and smiled sweetly: “When does Steve say I can start?”

Steve gave Bobby a job description and said he could get an interview that week

Bobby read the job title: ‘Facility Maintenance Technician, Apprentice.”

He read the job description twice before going into the parlor to read it out loud to Miss Jenny and Paul:

“It says…

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