So many pieces of our lives can be broken…our physical bodies, minds, relationships, spirits…

I have always been a “fixer”.  I want to make things better, and be part of the solution.  There are many things that, though “fixed” to the best of human ability, do not return to their original state.

Starting with the physical body, as that is my current experience.  My right knee had endured a lifetime of overuse and arthritic deterioration.  It was to a point of brokenness where nothing could be done to “fix” it, other than to go deep inside and try to “fix” the joint inside my body, by replacing it with a new part. In order to get to that spot in my body, other parts had to be “broken”, namely the muscles which had to be cut in order to get to the troubled spot.

I have a new part in my knee, but it is far from “fixed”.  It will take time and a lot of work through physical therapy, in order to restore complete use of my leg.  It will always display a scar, a reminder of the lifetime of overuse, and the attempt to restore it to a more usable state.

You may be dealing with a broken body, a broken relationship, or even a broken spirit.  The immediate “fix” may be apparent- have the surgery, leave the abusive relationship, seek spiritual renewal.  Even after the first step is taken to “fix” what is broken, there is work to do.  Even after the work is done, it will not be as it was before it was broken.  It will have a scar…a reminder of the brokenness.