Hyper-Mania Allowed Me To Travel

Looking For The Light

The post is from the archives, written in 19XX and cleaned a bit. I’m depressed today partly due to exhaustion from Restless Leg which returned three weeks ago, doesn’t help my mood. Chronic Lyme Disease took my memory, stress, pain, and on and on. My brain gave parts of it back with holes, today it’s gone again. I’m rambling….the reason? I’m lost again and used the WordPress Copy a Post Function for first time. I can’t tell you the year it was written or if the WordPress Copy Function and my brain are on the same page.    

I love to travel, my goal is to see the world. Bipolar Disorder can dictate your life. The high side, is dangerous for me. Life is great, who needs sleep? Not recognizing my Hyper-Mania can make it possible. The titter totter of Bipolar is balance. One side can suffocate you in…

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