The Next Thing

After muddling through six years of public school, advocating for services, collaborating (and occasionally arguing) with school staff, stressing out every time the school number appears on the caller ID (what happened NOW?) we’ve finally decided to Give Up.

We used every resource we could find. Brought every possible idea to the table. Suggested successful methods tried by other parents.

Although we have done everything within our power, both kids’ performance and behavior at school has continued to tank.

He doesn’t want to interact with other kids and attempts to get suspended so he can come home.

She’s failing on purpose because she “gets more attention for a failing grade than a passing grade.” (Not kidding. Parenting a kid with RAD is the equivalent of standing on your head and reading backwards. Toss out everything you know about parenting.)

Finally, we’ve reached the last straw. I am going…

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One thought on “The Next Thing

  1. I am so sorry you have experienced such frustration with the schools. You are not alone. I teach in the public schools (special education), know the ins and outs, and STILL struggle with the issues my own children have in school. It sounds like you have thought long and hard about your decision. With my older kids, I tried homeschooling, private, and public school. Each child is so different, and has different needs. There seems to be a ton of resources for homeschooling now. All the best as you plan!


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