11 thoughts on “two excellent films

  1. I think it is to be commended when people make a conscious decision about children…whichever decision they make. I need to watch more of the first film for sure.
    13 Moons sparked my thoughts on suicide, which are many. I use to volunteer at a suicide hotline, and many years later, made terrible decisions because someone threatened suicide if I left a relationship that I didn’t need to be in. I have some more soul searching to do on it.

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  2. WOW, the first one hit to close to home. I thank God often that I didn’t have children. The second one didn’t grab me until I saw the noose. I thought about the people who have committed suicide by hanging. It must be agonizing in the time you kick the chair and take your last breath. My father didn’t hang himself, I thought the same question, did he sit on the couch for hours thinking about it, dying on the inside. Writing me instructions on how to handle things. He went as far as giving explicit instructions to not call, go to her house to tell her. The address and she was elderly and they had to go to house. Even wrote both of grandparents name on the sheet.
    Suicidal thoughts started at nine years old, but I never reached the point of going thru and what goes thru your mind.
    Be well.

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      1. I say some people should not have kids, my mother was one. I think it was my first meeting with a Psychiatrist at 12 years old. God was sending a message.
        At 28 I had Cervical cancer, he said because direct family members had Ovarian cancer the chances were high I would to. He said I know you don’t have children, you want to think about. Immediately I said take everything out. 28 years old another sign from God.

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