It was a good day to let my old rock tunes take me away. M

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To C whoโ€™s in Reserves

Chromic Lyme caused many falls, some serious, some not. I took two good slams to my right knee in 18 months. It didnโ€™t prepare me for needing a knee replacement. They pain level from Lyme was so high, ย the knee became part of the over all pain. I received the long needle steroid shot yesterday along with the news. Iโ€™m staying positive by saying better now than later yet know there are other surgeries in the future.

Recovering from surgeries caused from misadventures with Lyme and resisting a cane. I am only 53 and feel much younger than my body. Now he says itโ€™s essential to get a walker to help me with balance. I went from sick to no memory to old and decrypted.

I had to get jacked up, feel younger than my body. Music takes me anywhere, doing anything, just close myโ€ฆ

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