We all have those days…emotions sitting just on the verge of being let loose.  What do you choose to do with them?  Do you let them out, regardless of where you are?  Do you stuff them for later…or forever?

I confess, I am a recovering stuffer.  Living in an emotional abusive situation for about 13 years, I became so numb, that I had to really work at reconnecting with my own feelings.  

One of my favorite discovery tools has been the Myers Briggs personality test.  My type is INFJ.  Knowing my personality type has helped me understand myself better, and understand how to relate better with others.  

Here is an interesting article about why INF types tend to gravitate toward sadness:


For a chuckle, educator/comedian, Gerry Brooks talks about an app to help him avoid teachers in his building who might be on the verge of tears.  My guess is that he is not an INF type…I would probably go to the people who were on the verge of tears and lend an ear!

However you feel…embrace and acknowledge…