This hit home with me today. I Advocating for men strongly on Twitter and the post will help everyone. I’ve been asked to write form a Men’s Support group and look forward to your thoughts.
Hugs, you’re on my mind.

Art by Rob Goldstein



I write this blog for Survivors.

I believe in the power of community.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women stood their ground as a community for over a generation so that today I can marry my same-sex partner.

The world into which I was born drove gays and lesbians into shame and suicide.

Ones choice of partner in life is an aspect of individuality.

The individual is only as strong as the community that lets him live as one.

I believe in being as honest as I can be in the moment.

By that I mean that our ‘truth’ is based on what we know and what we let ourselves know.

I am most honest when I am willing to be honestly wrong.

Pathological narcissism has been a topic of discussion in the United States since the late 1970’s when sociologists first noted the emergence of a toxic…

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