Recently, I was being interviewed (evaluated really), and after sharing a little bit of the belief system I was exposed to during some of my formative years, the evaluator asked,”were your parents hippies?”

Well, I never much thought they were.  My mom says that if she was a hippie, I am a bigger one.  My dad went to work in a suit and tie everyday.  I remember mom’s hair held in place with perfecting hair spray.  We did have a Volkswagen Beetle.

During my teen years, I owned a VW bus for a short time.  I discovered I was more of an automatic transmission type of person.

I was known to wear my share of flower chains.

I probably do have some hippie ideals engrained in me…it was the times.

I have had one parent share with me that her child’s impression of me was that I was a “real hippie”.  I’m not sure I see myself as 100% hippie, but it is definitely there.

 Do you consider yourself a hippie?  Is there another label of an era, that you put on yourself?



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  1. Cool post AOA, I can see myself as a hippie, Woodstock would make a lasting impression if you could remember. Growing up I was a hippie and it was a total compliment. At this very moment I don’t wear shoes unless leaving house, I love Janice, Jimmy and Bob Dylan. I’m carefree, wear no makeup, have lots of freckles. I have a part of my soul who would love to have a VW mini bus.

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