The Mermaid-05

The Mermaids Chapter 5
Thanks to Hyperion for giving us more to think about. M

Return of Dragons

Give me flesh made for sinking in ocean dreams and the nearness of you and only you. Give me mermaid skin and ivory grins that only you can bring forth. Show me a periwinkle home and your melody closer than anything else. Give me the sea and you and all our worries on the shelf. -Mermaid Skin, J. R. Rogue, Le Chant des Sirènes

The Mermaid-05

Mermaid Skin

Chapter 5

A bright moon shone across a spit of beach nestled between dark monoliths of stone. A lone figure sat serenely on the sand at the water’s edge with legs tucked under the pale skin of bare thighs washed in the light. Dark pupils the size of nickels reflected the heavenly orb. A narrow nose flared as she pursed her lips together. Only the countenance of her face gave a hint to the yearning that dominated her life. She sat on the beach…

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