Lyme Update #19 *My Last Nerve*

Looking For The Light

Am I healing from Chronic Lyme Diseases? Who knows? Lyme doesn’t have a cure, only times of remission. There’s no way to plan for lingering health problems you will get, will or won’t recover from. Symptoms may go away over time, stay same or get worse. There’s no definitive test to gauge how your major organs are affected unless the damage is severe.

The symptoms I struggle with daily are pain, pain pain, lack of balance, some memory has returned looking like a Tommy Gun practice. There are days when I can remember for a few minutes instead of seconds. If you’ve read my post the past two years, you’ve seen the cognitive issues. I can’t recall the proper name of items, have no concept of time and don’t fully recognize inflection. After two years in bed, I started to relearn walking in mid March. Falling is a physical daily…

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