Dissociative Identity Disorder: Rob’s Story

I learn more overtime you break down your journey to a correct diagnosis and the bailey to write in a manner people can relate to. M

Art by Rob Goldstein

Now we Talk Story

I am going to use the word “alternate” and not the term “apparently normal selves” to describe my Distinct Statesof being.

The alternates in order of birth are Robby, Sara, Peter,Bobby, Bob, Rob Goldstein, Matthew, and Mateo.

Robby and Peter are child alternates.

My adult alternates are highly evolved and each has a specific function and range of social skills.

Each has written a story and my task with this part of my blog is to find a way to create a unified narrative.

The language I use will reflect the logic of DID.

I used to think that “insight” alone would be enough to dispel a delusional system but I was wrong.

I know that the total of these fragments of personality is me but that does not change the  way I experience my alternates or the decisions they make.


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